Creativity in the workplace

January 26, 2016


I was recently interviewed for the business section of a national newspaper about the value of creativity in healthcare but beyond that within the business world too. In my career I have developed and delivered a huge range of creative projects for children, young people, families and staff. I have seen firsthand the amazing positive impacts these projects have had. Artworks can obviously enrich our physical surroundings, making workplaces look and feel better. This can connect workplaces with the outside world and allow partnerships between these locations and their surrounding communities. However bespoke participatory art programs can actively engage us all in creativity. Research clearly demonstrates that integrating creativity into healthcare can reduce stress and anxiety - for patients, families and staff; reduce drug requirements; reduce recovery times; improve the overall healthcare experience for everyone; increase staff well being and in turn improve staff retention.  Many of these benefits can be applied to business environments. Recent studies show that regularly taking part in creative activities and events can improve our health, well-being and happiness.


Developing creativity in staff encourages life-long learning, improves problem solving skills and confidence. Healthier, happier, more creative staff are more productive, more resilient and less susceptible to stress. Progressive employers understand that looking after and enriching staff simply makes good business sense.

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